Finding for Best Blauj brands in India is no easy feat. There are different brands that make stylish blouses for women but only a few brands focus on quality and present a stylish range at affordable prices.

So, we have done our research and looked at the top 14 companies that manufactured the best blouse in India for women. We are sure you will love this list!

14 Best Blauj Brands in India

Ama Bella

Ama Bella is a clothing brand that offers a wide range of clothing options, from stylish tops and tunics to jeans and Kurtis. Ama Bella is known for its great customer service.

Lavanya The Fashion Studio

Lavanya is one of the best blouse brands in India. Lavanya The Fashion Studio offers premium sarees at affordable prices, so it’s perfect for women who want to look fashionable but don’t want to break the bank. 

The brand offers a great shopping experience and provides quality material, making them one of the best options for women looking for Indian ethnic wear.

Lavanya specializes in providing customers with high-quality products that fit perfectly into their lives without breaking their budgets or forcing them to compromise on style or comfort. They follow trends closely and are always on top of what’s trending in fashion. 

Customers can expect prompt responses from customer service when they have questions about an order or are concerned about sizing issues before purchase so there won’t be any surprises after your purchase!


They offer a wide range of designs and fabrics. They also offer custom fitting for all occasions. All their blouses are designed for all body types, so no matter what your shape is, you can get a blouse that fits you perfectly from this brand!

The best part about this company is that you can get their products delivered to your doorstep via an online store or by visiting their store in Bangalore.

Leemboodi Fashion

Leemboodi Fashion is a leading online store for Indian ethnic wear and provides a wide range of traditional, contemporary, and designer sarees at affordable prices. 

The company offers a wide range of designer sarees in different textures like silk, crepe, georgette, etc. Leemboodi Fashion provides free shipping across India on all orders above Rs 499. is another trusted brand in India that offers a great collection of blouses, skirts, and dresses. Their prices are competitive and they offer free shipping over $99 (inclusive).


FashionWell is one of the best brands for women’s blouses. The price range starts from INR 1000 to INR 3000. The designs are trendy and unique, and they have a variety of options to choose from. As a customer, you will be able to find something that suits your style at an affordable price with this brand.

Nallu Collections

Nallu Collections has been in the business for more than a decade. The brand is known for its quality and affordability, which makes it one of the best blouse brands in India.

If you’re looking to buy a blouse from Nallu Collection, then we highly recommend visiting their website directly and checking out their different collections on offer. 

You can also use their online shopping portal to browse through their catalog, which includes linen shirts, cotton shirts, ruffled shirts, and many other types of blouses that are available at different price points.

Their products are very good value for money considering how inexpensive they are compared to other brands in India such as LimeRoad or FabAlley (see below). 

There are many positive reviews written by customers who were very happy with what they got from this company – some even said they experienced better customer service than other companies!

Kalki Fashion

Kalki Fashion is a fashion house based in Mumbai India. They offer a range of contemporary and traditional Indian fashion, with a wide range of types of sarees, lehengas, and blouses. Kalki Fashion has a store in Juhu, Mumbai.


Khaadi is an e-commerce fashion brand that caters to women and men. It also has retail outlets in India and UAE. 

The company was founded in 1998 by Pervez Musharraf and offers products from clothing to shoes, handbags, and accessories.

The designs offered by Khaadi are eastern and western styles with a focus on quality fabrics like cotton, chiffon, and viscose among others.

Patiala House

Patiala House is a brand that offers the best in its class of clothing. You can buy these products from the Patiala House official website, which is available at 

The company has been in business for decades, and it has built a reputation for itself as one of India’s premier online retailers of high-quality clothing and accessories.

Among their many offerings are blouses, salwar suits, dresses, lehenga choli sets, sarees, and more! They also have an extensive collection of jewelry items such as necklaces or earrings to complement your formal attire—or even your casual wardrobe!

Suta Blouse

Suta is a brand that designs ethnic wear for women. It also offers blouses as part of its collection. This fashion brand has an easy-to-use website and it offers different types of blouses at good prices.

The Ethnic Thread online store allows you to select from an array of colors and styles, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect blouse for yourself or someone else in your life.

East Boutique

  • Free shipping on orders of over Rs:500.
  • Free returns
  • Customer reviews
  • Range of blouses for women offers a wide range of blouses, with great discounts and free shipping on orders above Rs 999. It also delivers within 2-3 weeks and has good customer service. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, 

you can return it easily within 7 days of delivery. The quality of the designs is good too, so if you want to try out different styles without spending too much money on them then this e-commerce website is perfect for you. is a good online store to purchase traditional wear, such as sarees, lehengas, and blouses. The website offers a wide variety of designer blouses that are available at reasonable prices. It also offers stitching services for women who want to customize their outfits according to their own preferences.

You can shop from these brands for a great blouse shopping experience

When shopping for the right blouse, you should know that the fabrics and styles can be different from brand to brand.

So it is important to choose the right brand if you want a great shopping experience.

Here are some brands that you can trust while shopping for blouses:

  • Fabindia: This is an Indian brand known for its high-quality products and reasonable prices. The main thing that people love about Laxmi lawns is their cotton fabrics. You will find these fabrics very comfortable to wear during summer days or even in winter when layered with cardigans or sweaters. 
  • To make sure that the quality of their products remains good, Laxmi lawns only use natural dyes in making their clothes which ensures better color retention over time compared to synthetic dyes used by many other companies today!

Blouses are available in many different styles and materials. It’s important to choose a blouse that suits your body type and personality. 

The thing to remember when buying a blouse is to make sure it fits you perfectly. You should also consider the color, style, material, and length before buying any blouse.

Things to Consider Before Buying Any Blouse:

1) Sleeves: If you want to buy a sleeveless or short-sleeved blouse, make sure your arms aren’t flabby or wrinkled. You may need some exercise before choosing such type of clothing for yourself.

2) Neckline: A high neckline makes you look older than your age while a low neckline makes you look younger than your age so choose wisely according to what you want to look like when wearing them!

3) Necklines: There are many different types of necklines available today like V-neck, round neck, scooped neck, etc., choose one according to your preference!

4) Body Type:

The first thing you need to consider before buying a blouse is your body type. You can look for something that flatters your figure or just go for something that fits well on your body. 

It all depends on what you prefer and what kind of shape you want your blouse to have.

5. The fabric of the blouse

The fabric of the blouse is a very important factor to consider before buying any blouse. It should be made up of cotton or silk, which makes it comfortable and breathable. The fabric of the blouse should also be lightweight so that you don’t feel hot while wearing it. 

6. The design and pattern of the blouse

The design and pattern of the blouse are other important factors to consider before buying any blouse. You can choose from different types of designs like floral prints, stripes, checks, plain colors, etc., depending on your taste and style. 

7. The color scheme of the blouse

The color scheme of the blouse is another important factor to consider before buying any blouse. You can choose from different types of colors like red, blue, black, etc., depending on your taste and style. 

8. The length of the sleeves and necklines of the blouses

The length of sleeves and necklines is another important factor to consider before buying any blouses for women or girls who are looking for something fashionable yet comfortable at the same time!

Let’s discuss the most common ways of wearing a Blouse:

Once you have chosen the right blouse, it is time to wear it. There are many ways of wearing a blouse and here are some of them

1. Workplace Wear:

In the workplace, your blouse should be ironed and neatly folded. It should be ironed so that there are no wrinkles or creases in the fabric. You can wear your blouse with a full-sleeved shirt underneath it or without one. You can also wear a vest over it which will make you look elegant and professional at work.

2. Morning Wear:

You can wear a white casual blouse for morning gatherings like office meetings, breakfast parties, etc. You can also wear an evening dress over it if you want to look more formal at such events.

3. Evening Wear:

An evening dress is usually worn by women during dinner parties or wedding receptions etc. An evening dress looks very elegant when paired with a yellow or red-colored dress but if you want to look more formal then go for black dresses too because they match almost all colors of clothes including blue, green, etc but if you want to look more formal then go for black dresses too because they

Here are some ways to style a blouse:

The best thing about blouses is that they give you a chance to experiment with different styles and silhouettes.

1) With Jeans

2) As an office wear

3) With pencil skirts or shorts

4) With palazzo pants

5) As a layering piece for the winter season

Advantages of Wearing a Blouse

We all know that there is nothing more important than an outfit. A blouse helps you to look good, feel confident and get the attention of others.

There are various advantages of wearing a blouse:

  • It gives a stylish look
  • It helps in hiding the body flaws
  • It adds style to your personality

How to wear a Blouse?

Here are some tips on how to wear a blouse:

A good blouse should make you feel confident about yourself and should also highlight your curves in an elegant way. 

If you want to look beautiful, it’s important that your blouse fits perfectly with your body shape so that it looks good when you wear it with other clothes. 

You should choose the right color combination for your outfit because this will make it stand out from others in a positive way.

What different types of Blouses?

1. Straight-Cut Blouse: The straight-cut blouse is the most common type of blouse. It looks simple and elegant. 

You can wear it with any kind of bottoms wear like jeans, palazzo or skirts. It is available in different colors and prints. You can buy this blouse in an affordable price range.

2. Half-Sleeve Blouse: Half sleeve blouse has some sleeves halfway up your arms, which makes it a stylish piece of clothing for women. It is available in different colors and prints as well as in different fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, georgette, etc. You can buy this blouse from any leading brand at an affordable price range

3. Long-Sleeve Blouses: Long-sleeve blouses are one of the most popular types of shirts worn by women around the world because they look stylish and elegant at the same time. 

A long sleeve shirt is perfect for wearing during the fall or winter seasons when temperatures start to drop down considerably due to windy weather conditions outside your home or office building

4 ) Button-Down Blouses:

These types of blouses have buttons on the front and they can be tucked into the pants or skirt or left untucked. Buttons are usually made up of metal or plastic material. These types of blouses are mostly worn by women who work in offices and schools as they give a formal look to any outfit.

5 )Shirt Blouses:

A shirt Blouse is another type of blouse which has a collar attached to it along with buttons on the front side for closing it properly. A shirt Blouse gives an informal look to your outfit but at the same time, it looks very classy and elegant when worn with jeans or pants for casual wear purposes.

6)Tunic Blouse:

A tunic Blouse is another type in which there is no collar attached to it instead there

Can we wash the Blouse? What happens if Blouse is?

Yes! You can wash your blouse in cold water as it won’t shrink when wet but please don’t put it into hot water as it may shrink after a few washes. Also, try not to use bleach on your blouses as it may leave stains behind which won’t come off easily.

Let’s begin with some interesting facts about the Blouse:

1. The word “blouse” comes from the French word “blouson” which means a short jacket or waistcoat made of leather or other strong material.

2. Blouses have been around since ancient times and were originally worn by men as well as women.

3. Egyptian pharaohs wore blouses to protect themselves from the sun during their ceremonial duties.

4. In medieval Europe, women wore long-sleeved blouses that exposed their cleavage but covered their breasts completely until the 18th century when they started exposing their breasts partially through slits in their blouses (called décolletage)