Searching for Kurti Neck Design? What type of Kurti neck design should I choose after purchasing Kurti material for a dress? Should I make a decision or should I ponder it? Particularly in 2022.

This current trend will continue or not? We have answers to all your questions. even like how to measure Kurti’s neck designs. at the end with a neck size chart which gives you an easy way to measure your neck accurately.

But the sad thing is most of us fall into the line, by various types of designs, in the end, they end up with the most common or simple neck design because a lot of tempting designs on the internet will confuse your needs and demands.

Different Types of Designs of Neck with Names

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find some of the newest and most unique Kurti neck designs, which you’ve never seen before.

Our top pick from the list:

  1. Collared Neck Kurti design
  2. Rayon Kurti neck design
  3. Kurti designs with a boat neck
  4. Kurta neck design with potli button
  5. Modern Kurti neck design

40 + Designs of Neck With Images

Table of Contents

1. Asymmetric Kurti neck designs

Asymmetric Kurti neck designs
Asymmetric neck designs

Asymmetric Kurti neck design is a form of symmetrical neck design that creates a unique one-sided cool neck pattern that is the finest alternative for parties and events.

and this Kurti neck design was popular in 2020. Shown Kurti is an example of a printed Kurti neck design.

2. Boat Neck Kurti Design

Boat Neck Kurti Design
Boat Neck Design

Plain black Kurti neck designs are a renowned Kurti neck design of all time, suited for all forms of events, with its simple look and appearance.

this is an excellent alternative if you are seeking anything easy neck pattern or design for your kurta. In the image, it’s a plain black Kurti neck design.

3. Peter Pan Collar Kurti neck design

Peter Pan Collar kurti neck design
Peter Pan Collar neck design

Peter pan Kurti’s neck design is a cool unique design that is famous among teen girls these days for its neck designs. This design is like a modern Kurti neck design.

This style of neck design is readymade you can buy it on Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra, ajio, etc.

4. Collared Neck Kurti design

Collared Neck kurti design
Collared Neck design

Collared design is a Kurti neck design with a round of coils stripped around the collar, creating a round circular pattern around the neck. check for Kurti neck design cut on amazon.

What Do you think is the best Kurti neck design for a round face? Collared neck design It is the ideal Kurti neck design for women with round faces. In the above Kurti neck designs images.

5. Crew Kurti Neck Design

Crew kurti neck design
Crew neck design

Kurti with a crew neckline. A crew term refers to a design in which a great number of cloth pieces are sewn together to form a wonderful Kurti neck design,

and it’s one of the most simple and straightforward Kurti neck designs that you can try. One of the best Kurti neck designs for broad shoulders.

6. Closed Neck Kurti Design

closed neck kurti design
closed neck design

Closed neck Kurti design, as the name suggests, covers the majority of your neck, front and back, making it a great choice for casual parties and functions, a best Kurti neck design for fat ladies,

As well as for narrow shoulders. Only a Kurti neck design front has been shown in the image.

7. Kurti cowl neck design

kurti cowl neck design
cowl neck design

A Kurti cowl neck design A cowl neck is a style of neckline that hangs below the collarbone and resembles an unstructured, floppy turtleneck, the best option for Short and long sleeve Kurtis,

which are typically made up of wool. A great option for Kurti neck design for jeans. check for Kurti neck design patch on amazon for more information.

8. Notch Neck Kurti design

Notch Neck kurti design
Notch Neck design

Notch Kurti neck design This notched neck design will be the greatest alternative if you are not comfortable with a deep neckline or want to try something new with a different neckline. check for more similar designs on Flipkart.

This design has a unique element that offers you a structured appearance, making you look taller.

This neckline is the best fit for someone with a broad shoulder and a larger or heavy breast. And also for women with a chubbier body side. Best Paired: with leggings.

9. Halter kurti neck design

Halter kurti neck design
Halter neck design

A halter neck design is traditionally associated with western fashion, although it is increasingly popular in the Indian market.

A halter neck has the superpower of instantly changing the look of a drab Kurti with no or minor alterations.

10. High neck collar Kurti design

high neck collar kurti design
high neck collar design

high neck collar Kurti design, A collared Kurti neck design, or a Collared Kurti is another popular Kurti neck style if you wish to stand out from the crowd.

The neckline of this Kurti is collared, and there are some extra layers on the top of the neck, and one of the beautiful neck designs for suits.

11. High Neck Kurti design

High Neck Kurti design
High Neck design

high neck Kurti design, If you want to experiment with different neck designs, a high neck Kurti is a fantastic option for you. The elongated look of this neck shape is achieved, with no effort.

One thing if you have neck irritation or sensitive skin, a Big No for this design.

12. Illusion Kurti Neck design

Illusion kurti Neck design
Illusion Neck design

Illusion Kurti Neck design, This illusion style of neck design contains transparent lace that is attached to the bodice cloth element of the dress or, in basic terms, a Kurti that covers shoulders and collarbones.

Price may start from ₹528 onwards. Basically used fabrics are georgette, Satin, cotton, silk.

13. Kurti jewel neck design

kurti jewel neck design
jewel neck design

Kurti jewel neck design, The jewel neckline is similar to the round Kurti neckline, but it has a round neckline with a lot of handwork and embroidery at the neck region that covers the collarbones to the bust.

It appears as if you are wearing a lot of jewels around your neck. check latest Kurti for girls 13-14 years on amazon.

14. keyhole neck design for Kurti

keyhole neck design for kurti
keyhole neck design

This neckpiece is designed in the shape of a keyhole. The only difference between this design and halter necks is the neckline, which converges at the center.

forming a hole shape exactly below the collarbones, and it’s one of the simple and easy Kurti neck designs. Can be easily Paired: with Denims.

15. off shoulder neck design for Kurti

off shoulder kurti neck design 1
off shoulder neck design

Off-shoulder neck design for Kurti This neckline is also known as the Carmen neckline; it is similar to the boat neckline in style, but it is lower than the shoulders and collarbones.

This dress is easily passable under the arms. as shown in the image above, and it’s an elastic neck design in nature.

16. One Shoulder Kurti neck design

One Shoulder kurti neck design
One Shoulder neck design

One of the latest neck designs is the Shoulder Kurti neck design. By exposing one shoulder, this style of neck design cuts across your shoulder in a straight line.

Women with broad shoulders should avoid this style.

17. Pentagon Kurti Neck design

Pentagon Kurti Neck design
Pentagon Neck design

Pentagon Neck Kurti design, The deep neck design category includes neck designs with deep in one shape, such as a pentagon in geometry. It looks nice with a traditional dupatta.

It’s also not a smart choice for small-busted women because it makes you appear flat-chested.

18. Portrait Kurti Neck design

Portrait kurti Neck design
Portrait Neck design

Portrait Neck design, This neck design exposes a significant amount of area above the bust; if you are comfortable with this, it is an excellent choice. get more information on the best Kurti brands.

Broad shoulder and slim women should avoid this neck design, as it may result in a loose appearance. One of the best kurta neck designs for females with a slim fit. Goes best with Patialas.

19. Scoop Kurti Neck design

Scoop kurti Neck design
Scoop Neck design

Scoop Neck design, This design is highly popular with bridal gowns because of its pentagon form, also known as the V scoop neck. It depicts a portion of the neck area;

therefore, you must take extra care when selecting innerwear. And they are usually ready-made Kurti neck designs. For the best match with salwar.

20. mandarin collar Kurti neck design

mandarin collar kurti neck design
the mandarin collar neck design

mandarin collar neck design, If you like collar necklines, you might like this mandarin collar neck design for your next Kurti. Shirts and collars with this pattern are popular.

For women with a high neck, this is a good option. This neckline pairs well with jeans and leggings.

21. Raglan kurti Neck design

Raglan kurti Neck design
Raglan Neck design

Raglan Neck design, this neckline is similar to that of a raglan sleeve. The design features an underarm cloth that extends to the neckline, as well as additional fabric that fills in around the neckline.

This neckline is perfect for sleeveless Kurtis. Because the shoulder area is exposed a little more in this style, choose the right bra.

22. Round Kurti neck design

round kurti neck design
round neck design

A round neck design is a round neck Kurti pattern that is one of the most popular Kurti neck designs since it fits practically all women and all body shapes and sizes.

The finest choice for a casual outing. And it’s a simple Kurta neck design for stitching work.

23. Spaghetti Kurti Neck design

Spaghetti kurti Neck design
Spaghetti Neck Design

Spaghetti Neck design, This design is a variation of spaghetti tops, with a U or V-shaped plunge at the neck and spaghetti straps attached. It has an indo-western style to it.

24. Strapless Kurti neck design

Strapless kurti neck design
Strapless neck design

Strapless neck design, This is a form of western-style that is popular among college students. A strapless design is the greatest way to stand out in a crowd. take a look at Kurti for teens on amazon.

Not the best pick for women with large chests, but a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a date.

25. Surplice Kurti Neck design

Surplice kurti Neck design
Surplice Neck design

Surplice Neck design Surplice is a style of neck design that generates a closure with two clothes seaming at the middle of the chest or on one side,

which can be simply tied at one side and creates a cool Kurti pattern on both sides.

26. Sweetheart Kurti Neck design

Sweetheart Kurti Neck design
Sweetheart Neck design

Sweetheart Kurti Neck design, The middle of this neck design is shaped like an inverted heart, and it looks great with suits. You may also use this collar design on a blouse.

Since this style of dress is suitable for all chest sizes and body types One of the simplest ways to show off your lovely neckpiece is to wear something comparable to a V neck style.

27. U Neck Kurti design

u neck kurti design
U Neck design

This design creates a perfect U shape at the neck and goes from a modest U to a deep plunge U neck design. Not ideal for girls with long necks; budget-friendly Kurti under 500.

however, it is an excellent choice for adults with large or small bust sizes.

28. V Neck Kurti design

v neck kurti design
V neck design

Creating a proper V form at the neck, which, like u shape, can range from a simple V to a quite deep plunge V. Similar to long neck girls,

this design should be avoided since the neck appears even longer in this neck design, which is ideal for ladies with both large and small bust sizes.

29. Kurti Neck design hand embroidery

kurti neck design hand embroidery
Kurti neck design hand embroidery

Kurti neck design hand embroidery design is a simple v or u shape neck design with a lot of hand embroidery of the neck collar that gives a royal look and feels and is particularly preferred in wedding ceremonies.

With Best Footwear styles are front sandals, belly shoes, pointed heels, flats, and more.

30. Rayon Kurti neck design

rayon kurti neck design
rayon neck design

rayon Kurti neck design is a traditional and modern style that looks excellent with a Kurti. With a Slit Cut and Buttons, a Stylist Neck can be added.

This Rayon fabric also looks great with three-fourth sleeves. Wearing this type of cloth is quite comfy. Tips: Accessories guide wear Bracelets with Potli bags.

31. Rajasthani Kurti neck design

rajasthani kurti neck design
Rajasthani neck design

Rajasthani Kurti neck design, This design features mirror work on the Kurti neck, which is normally a top suit and is done manually in Rajasthan.

Small detailed work and thick pieces of jewels and gems are stitched by hand to offer a unique style, but the one con is that this Kurti is heavy, making it unsuitable for everyday wear. However, it is a great choice for ethnic days or college fests.

Some of the different types of Rajasthani Kurtis are 1. Rajasthani Kurtis with Mirror Work: 2. Rajasthani Kurta with Flares: 3. Rajasthani Kurti with Floral Print: and more.

32. Deep round neck Kurti design

deep round neck kurti design
deep round neck Kurti design

The best thing about round Kurti neck designs is that they are simple and go with almost any type of Kurti fashion. The deep round neck is similar to the round neck but it is larger than the existing one,

making it a more modern and trendy design. There are also a variety of different designer round Kurti neck designs available in the market that you can try.

33. Round collar neck Kurti design

round collar neck kurti design
the round collar neck design

Round collar neck Kurti design is Simple Kurti neck designs are some of the easiest and most affordable Kurti neck designs to add to your collection.

34. Kurti designs with a boat neck

kurti designs with a boat neck
designs with a boat neck

Kurti designs with a boat neck The shape of the Kurti neck design is similar to the shape of a boat, as can be seen in the image above. As a result, a suitable alternative for women with heart-shaped faces.

Goes best with Kurti Designs like Long maxi, straight, style Kurtis, short Kurti and layered, and more.

35. Neck Design For Gowns

Neck Design For Gowns
Neck Design For Gowns

36. Kurta jacket neck design

kurti jacket neck design
jacket neck design

37. Kurta neck design with lace

kurti neck design with lace
neck design with lace

38. Kurta neck design with potli button

kurti neck design with potli button
neck design with potli button

39. Kurta neck design with plazo

kurti neck design with plazo
neck design with plazo

40. Kurta neck design with Dori

kurti neck design with dori
neck design with dori

41. Kurta neck design with buttons

kurti neck design with buttons 1
neck design with buttons

42. Kurti neck design with piping

kurti neck design with piping
neck design with piping

43. Modern Kurti neck design

modern kurti neck design 1
modern neck design

44. Latest Kurti neck design

latest back neck design 1
latest neck design

45. Stylish Kurti Neck Design

Stylish Kurti Neck Design 1
stylish neck design

Different Types of Necklines that you should know:

  1. Asymmetric Neckline
  2. Collared Neckline
  3. Closed Neckline
  4. Decolletage Neckline
  5. High Neckline
  6. Keyhole Neckline
  7. Portrait Neckline
  8. Raglan Neckline
  9. Square Neckline
  10. Surplice Neckline

Different types of Kurtis that you must know:

  1. Anarkali
  2. Palazzo
  3. Anarkali Suits
  4. Cotton Kurtis
  5. Tunics
  6. Denim Kurtis
  7. Black Kurti
  8. Designer Anarkalis
  9. Front Slit Kurtis
  10. Embroidered Kurtis
  • Printed Kurtis
  • Rayon Kurtis
  • Floor Length Kurtis
  • Office Wear Kurtis
  • Collar Neck Kurtis
  • Crepe Kurti
  • Straight Kurtis
  • Chinese Collar Kurti
  • Chanderi Kurti
  • Tunic Kurtis

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To Make it Easy I Have Created a Size Chart for Kurti Neck Designs on neck depth, neck width,

back neck Depth measurement and front neck depth measurement.

S 40.5” 37”34”40”
M 40.5” 38”36”44”
L 40.5” 40”37”45”
XL 40.5” 42”39”46”
XXL 40.5” 44”41”48”
Size chart for neck

Standard Body Measurements for Sewing Size Details, for Regular Kurtis, that you should be aware of, and even cool part, is you can use this as a blouse measurement chart.

M size = 34 InchesM size = 34-36 InchesM size = 32 InchesM size = 13 InchesM size = 34 Inches
L Size = 36 InchesL Size = 34-36 InchL Size = 34 InchesL Size = 14.5 InchesL Size = 38 Inches
Xl Size = 44 InchesXl Size = 34-36 InchXl Size = 38 InchesXl Size = 16 InchesXl Size = 42 Inches
2Xl Size = 48 Inches2Xl Size = 34-36 Inch2Xl Size = 44 Inches2Xl Size = 16.5 Inches2Xl Size = 46 Inches
3Xl Size = 52 Inches3Xl Size = 34-36 Inch3Xl Size = 46 Inches3Xl Size = 17 Inches3Xl Size = 52 Inches
4Xl Size = 56 Inches4Xl Size = 34-36 Inch4Xl Size = 52 Inches4Xl Size = 18.5 Inches4Xl Size = 56 Inches
Tolerance of 1 to 1/2 inchesTolerance of 1 to 1/2 inchesTolerance of 1 to 1/2 inchesTolerance of 1 to 1/2 inchesTolerance of 1 to 1/2 inches
Kurti Size Details

You should be aware of the best Kurti neck designs.

Latest Neck Designs

Conclusion: All of the above-mentioned neck designs are popular right now; according to your requirements and needs, you can choose the greatest alternative for your needs in terms of quality, size, and budget.

FAQs On Kurti Neck Designs:

What is the difference between neckline and collar?

Neckline: the portion of a woman’s dress below the neck that serves as a measurement of height and shape.
Collar: The collar, on the other hand, is a portion of the upper clothing that fits around the neck and throat, such as a shirt collar or jacket.

How do you make a neck pattern?

A step-by-step tutorial will assist you in resolving your issue. Check out this post for a step-by-step guide to creating neck patterns. You will learn How to Add a Neckline to Any Kind of Pattern for Kurti, in this guide.

How do you measure your neck width?

To begin, measure the drape over your neck, as well as the shapes in the back, and make sure it falls over your shoulders in front of your body. The measurements are obtained in a straight line between two pieces that are suspended from the bottom. Note: Measuring is done on both sides. 

How do you make Kurtis?

How to Make Your Own Kurti/Kurta by yourself with simple steps
Step 1: The first step is to choose the right fabric.
Step 2: Take your body measurements in step two.
Step 3: Create a Kurti Pattern for the Front and Back.
Step 4: Cut the fabric in front and back to the pattern you want.
Step 5: Cut sleeves on both sides of the Kurti.
Step 5: Create a designer front neckline and back neckline.

Things or Tools Required to make a Kurti design?

If you are a beginner or an Intermediate in neck design in sewing we covered everyone you need only a few basic skills and some tools to get started for example What do You Need? 
Basic bodice pattern
Pen or marker
Tissue paper