Best Backpacks Brands in India. Yes, it’s a Top 20 list. I have tried to cover all the important aspects while preparing this guide. Be assured that none of the bags from this list will let you down.

Are you planning to buy a bag? Don’t worry, in this article we are going to provide you with the best brands in India. This article is specially designed for Indian females, especially those who are reckless about bags.

Best Backpacks Brands in India – Choose The Best In Quality

So, you are looking for the best bag brands in India? All right, so I have tried to do my best to ensure that you are armed with enough information to find the latest trendiest best bag brands out there. I have handpicked a few of the most authentic bag brands, which are relatively unknown outside India but slowly picking up very fast.

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Skybags Backpacks

Skybags Backpacks – Skybags is a famous and reputed brand in India. Skybags products are of the best quality in their manufacturing process. Skybags is committed to innovating its products. By introducing many new products in the market, this company has proved itself to be the best in India. It offers stylish, trendy, and smart backpacks in different colors and styles.


Caprese is one of the premier providers of premium handbags in India. They are one of the fastest-growing bag brands in the country with glamorous retail outlets in key cities in India.

Caprese is a bag brand from India. The tagline of the brand is “Luxury for you.” I have been using one of their bags, which is a multi-compartment bag that can be used both as a handbag and a messenger bag. This particular model is a light orange color with a textured finish.


If you’re looking for one of the best bag brands in India, Baggit has it all. Baggit is not just a bag brand; you can use it as a backpack, sling bag, and of course a city bag. 

Baggit is a leading brand that comes up with smart and latest designs of the latest bags that people want to use. This particular company also gives you the privilege to customize your bag as per your choice as it provides that variety, where one can choose from since those bags can be customized according to you, suit those specific themes as well as occasions regarding those bags.

Wildcraft Backpacks

Wildcraft Backpacks is one of the best backpack brands you can find online, which makes ideal school bags. They offer a variety of backpacks for kids as well as adults to choose from.

Wildcraft backpacks are currently among the best-selling backpack brands in India. The company has gained huge popularity among the youth and it has become a leading bag brand over the years. There are dozens of reasons Wildcraft is popular, and we’re going to be discussing them here. Also, I’ll be talking about other backpack brands and comparing them with Wildcraft to help you make a better decision while making your choice for quality and long-lasting hiking backpacks.

Lino Perros

Suitcases, duffle bags, book bags, messenger bags, you name it. These are the most notable bags available for purchase. While each of these cases is designed with a different purpose, in mind, you can’t go wrong with any of them. That said, it’s your needs that will determine which case will be right for you. The first step to picking out a new bag is to assess what purpose it will serve.

American Tourister Backpacks

American Tourister is a household name in India. Their school bags and rucksacks are the best-selling ones in the country. They have been ruling this segment for decades, and have one of the best reputations regarding quality and durability.

Da Milano 

If you are on the hunt for the best bag Brands in India, Da Milano is what you should check out. This brand not only offers the trendiest designer fashion accessories but also has come into the limelight for manufacturing high-quality leather bags, shoes, purses, and other related fashion commodities.

Visit their online store to see the latest collections available for women, and men’s fashion accessories like belts, wallets, sunglasses, and much more under different categories.


Yes, this might be one of the most popular travel brands right now. Its astoundingly beautiful leather goods are everywhere these days. But popularity isn’t the only reason you should care about it. The fact is, Hidesign is one of the most reliable brands in India to buy travel bags from.

Tommy Hilfiger Backpacks

Tommy Hilfiger backpacks and tote bags are the perfect modern accessories, designed and built with style and practicality in mind.

Whichever type of bag you need, whether it is a sleek sling, a sturdy laptop backpack, or a fashionable briefcase, you should check out the offerings from Tommy Hilfiger. The company has been in business for more than 20 years and makes a variety of styles and sizes of bags to fit your needs.


Viari is the top bag brand in India that sells designer handbags, women’s bags, and purses online. With Viari, ladies can find varieties of designer bags in the online store. Today, Viari has a large collection of handbags like genuine leather, faux leather, and canvas bags at the best price in India.

Harrison’s Backpacks

Harrison’s Backpacks, a New Delhi-based company, is one of the best backpack brands in India. Harrison’s offers a wide range of high-quality backpacks designed for students and casual travelers. The brand has a product line that includes standard, or messenger bags, travel bags, rucksacks, laptop backpacks, etc.

Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein Jeans Bag is one of the most well-known fashion, luxury, and lifestyle companies based in America, which was formed by Calvin Klein in 1968. This Company came into the fashion industry for producing designer jeans, which are then expanded into many other products like women’s undergarments, underwear, perfume, accessories, etc. The company manufactures all its products using the best quality material with modern machines at their huge production units.


Kipling has been synonymous with the best bags in the world for many years. It is one of the oldest brand names regarding backpacks, laptop bags, travel bags, handbags, messenger bags, and other kinds of bags. It is no mean feat to be in that league when there are so many brands that vie for your attention. But Kipling has maintained this position because of their attention to quality and craftsmanship. This is what people have loved about Kipling in India.

Nike Backpacks

Nike is one of the most popular and reputed brands in sports and fitness equipment. From basketball to football to racing cars, Nike has been involved in it all. The company has revolutionized several products, including backpacks, which are today its main line of products.


The popularity of the Fossil brand has been increasing today among other top bag brands in India. If you are also planning to buy one of the Fossil Bags, you must check all the latest ranges at reduced prices and offers from different online and physical Fossil Outlets in India.

Kenneth Cole Bag Brand

Today we will be covering the bag brand Kenneth Cole and everything about it. The Kenneth Cole brand has been popular for quite a long time and is still going strong. It offers a wide range of classy and elegant bags which look extremely fashionable and attractive. Their products include handbags, cross-body bags, document holders, laptop bags, etc.

House of Tara

The problem with buying a branded bag is that you have no idea how it would look when you get it delivered to your doorstep. Some websites show pictures of the product from different angles, but only a really good website shows pictures from almost all possible angles so you can see your bag from every possible angle. House of Tara Bag Brand has shots from all possible angles, which makes the shopping experience truly amazing.

Fastrack Backpacks

Fastrack is the most wearable brand in the bag category. It is not just a bag manufacturer but also a fashion brand. It is pleasing the youth’s stylish fashion sense. Fastrack has received the title “Fastest growing brand”.


In this Indian Guide to Best Bag Brands, we take a look at the wide range of bags and accessories available under the Aquatan Bag brand. Acquatan has put together a wide array of blue bag collections that includes everything from suitcases to duffel bags to carry-on bags for those weekend trips.

Cathy London

Cathy London is well-known for its creations across various major cities. The brand is associated with garments, handbags, shoes, accessories, and homeware shopping. Their fans are spread to almost everywhere in the world for their quality products, all at affordable prices.

Bag Brands Table

Brand NamePrice Range
Steve MaddenRs. 3000 Onwards
Skybags Backpacks
Rs. 4000 Onwards
CapreseRs. 1500 Onwards
BaggitRs. 900 Onwards
Wildcraft Backpacks
Rs. 4500 Onwards
Lino PerrosRs. 1000 Onwards
American Tourister Backpacks
Rs. 4800 Onwards
Da Milano Rs. 5000 Onwards
HidesignRs. 3000 Onwards
Tommy Hilfiger Backpacks
Rs. 4000 Onwards
Diana KorrRs. 1200 Onwards
ViariRs. 1000 Onwards
Harrisons Backpacks
Rs. 2599 Onwards
Calvin Klein JeansRs. 6000 Onwards
KiplingRs. 4000 Onwards
Nike Backpacks
Rs. 3500 Onwards
FossilRs. 7000 Onwards
Kenneth ColeRs. 5000 Onwards
House of TaraRs. 700 Onwards
Fastrack Backpacks
Rs. 1500 Onwards
AquatanRs. 1000 Onwards
Cathy LondonRs. 700 Onwards
Bags price Comparision

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