Top 10 Best Vest Brands in India for Men Complete Guide

There are many vests or BANIYAN brands in India. There are good vest brands and there are bad vest brands in India. So, while buying a vest brand, you must consider many things. In this article,

I am going to tell you about the 10 best vests (banian brands) in India that every man can buy for his daily use. You will enjoy their comfort and at the same time look stylish when wearing them.


This Dollar Vest brand will meet your expectations and then more. They not just provide comfort to your body but will style up your personality as well.

Features: A perfect fit

Advantages: The streamlined cut looks cool, even in the office.

Benefits: You’ll feel great and the ladies will love it!


The VIP vest brand for men has an impressive collection of more than 100 varieties of cloth-based vests and v neck t-shirts, which have been providing the youth with convenient and fashionable solutions for body warmers. From the beginning, the VIP Vest brand has worked hard to become one of the most affordable vest brands…

Amul Macho

If you want to buy a new vest then give a chance to Amul Macho Vest. It is one of the best vest brands in India for men. This is a very durable and comfortable vest brand because it gives you maximum comfort while wearing it. There are many types of vests available on amazon. But this is a different type of vest which is demanded by men due to its unique features.


Jockey is one of the best vest brands for men as far as functionality is concerned. If you are looking to buy a jockey vest online then Flipkart and Amazon are the two places to look at.

Note: Always go for Branded Shirts for a Perfect outfit.

Dixcy Scott

Finding a good vest brand in India is not an easy task. A vest from Dixcy Scott is worth the price because of its perfect fit, long-lasting designs, and the finest fabrics that are used to develop these. It’s a must-have product for men.

Dixcy Scott is one of the well-known clothing brands in India. It produces Men’s clothing items like Shirts, trousers, Jeans, Pullovers, and Jackets. This brand is usually available in local retail shops and online stores.

Viking Vest

Viking Vest is the best brand for men’s vests available in India. They offer stylish and elegant dress vests for men. Apart from this, Viking Vest also offers pants, shirts, and more to match their vests, which makes them a complete clothing range for work, casual or formal wear.


Many vest brands in India provide you with the best quality of clothing at affordable prices. One of the most popular vest brands is Hanes because it’s long-lasting, reliable, and made of the best quality cotton. Hanes is one of the best-known garments brands in India that have been at the forefront for more than 10 years.

Rupa and Co.

Rupa and Co is the leading Men (Baniyan) Vest brand in India.  Keeping away from the traditional to give you a stylish look, Rupa and Co. are redefining Indian men’s vest fashion.  Banyans (or Vests, as they are mostly called) come in various cuts depending upon the occasion and type of body you have. Rupa and Co. offer designer banyans for men,, which are all visually appealing, fashionable, sleek, and comfortable.


Before writing this article, we surveyed vest brands. Our findings showed that the ONN Vest brand is the most preferred in India for men. And here’s why it is considered the best vest brand in India for men…

Macroman M Series

Macroman M Series Vest is very light in weight and perfects to wear as a vest or outerwear in the winter season because of its warming Terry fabric. It also has amazing fitting options and can be worn by men of all ages and sizes.

Which is the best vest for men in India?

Table of Contents

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to wear a vest, you’ve come to the right place. This is by no means an exhaustive list of how to wear a vest, but rather a list of options that are commonly seen.

Types of Vests

Vests can be either casual or formal. This is based on the colors and styles of vests that are worn with them.

Casual Vests

Vests in casual wear can make anyone look as if they belong on the set of a safari or in an eccentric gangster movie. Regarding colors, brown and tan are quite popular. These vests look best when paired with darker-colored pants such as black or navy blue pants. Regarding patterns, checkers and plaid are common for casual vests. These vests can be worn with jeans for a more relaxed look or khakis for something more dressy. Casual vests look great when paired with sweaters and button-up shirts in either collared or turtleneck style.

How do I measure vest size?

Vests are worn as a part of formal and semi-formal outfits, and Polyester/Nylon Men’s Sports Vest. When it comes to vests, there are two popular types:

Knitted Vests

Knitted vests are the most commonly worn type of vest. Knitted vests are available in different sizes. You can use your chest measurement and convert it into vest size. The rule is simple – the circumference of your chest should be equal to the size of the vest you buy!

For example, if your chest circumference is 40 inches, then you need to buy a vest with a circumference of 40 inches. Similarly, if your chest circumference is 45 inches, then you need to buy a vest with a circumference of 45 inches!

If you are planning to wear knitted vests as an undershirt, then you must know that this type of vest tends to be a little loose and large. So make sure not to choose a size based on your body measurement,, but only the measurement that is given by the company!

V-Neck Vests

V-neck vests are available in sleeveless as well as long sleeve varieties. These are quite popular among men who want to look stylish without revealing too much skin or their toned muscles!

If you plan on wearing V-

How do I fold a vest?

Vests are an awesome part of any man’s wardrobe.

Tailored vests, in particular, are a great way to add a professional look to your outfit without having to wear a suit.

However, many guys don’t even know how to fold a vest. If you’re one of them, this guide is for you.

Here are the steps:

1. Lay the vest out flat on a table or other flat surface. You can also lay it out on top of your shirt. The goal is to create as few wrinkles as possible when you start folding the vest.

2. Fold the sides inward to create two flaps that meet in the middle. Each side should be folded so it’s about 3/4 as long as the vest before you started folding it up. The goal here is to create as few wrinkles as possible in the shoulders and torso area of the vest.

3. Fold the sides over once more, creating two flaps that each meet at the collar. Your vest should now have four flaps – two on each side that meets at the collarbone and two on the back that meets at the neckline of your shirt (if you’re wearing one).

4. Flip over one of the back flaps so

Conclusion – Choose the best Vest Brand

Different men have different needs and choices. To find the best brand for you, you should compare their designs, patterns, and prices. Taking all these factors into account makes it easier for you to choose the best vest brand in India.