Best Bra Brands In India 2022, After reviewing the best women bras for women in India based on a variety of factors including design type, materials, comfort, price, and more, my team and I have a scout on the 10 brands that stand out.

Here are the 10 best Indian bra brands that produce comfortable and beautiful bras in many variations so that you can choose the one that suits you according to your mood and occasion.

Everyone has their bra brand and there are many different types of bras like backless bras, sleeping bras, pad bras, push-up bras, t-shirt bras, and many others.

Bras by Zivame are several popular brands that offer different types of bras. Here you will find T-shirts, bras, pads, backless bras, and strapless bras from brands such as Amante Triumph, Enamor, Jockey, and Innersense.


Zivame Best Bra Brands In India

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For curvy women who don’t seem to find the right fit, they are one of the few brands in India whose products are tailored to women with curvy silhouettes. Zivame deserves to be called one of the best Indian bra brands not only because the bras are stylish and comfortable to wear. These top lingerie brands cater to all body types, and they are also one step ahead of most Indian plus-size bra brands to ensure the best for curvy women.



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The American brand Jockeys fabric is sweat-absorbing and comfortable and it is the softest cotton bra on the market. Jockey is known for sports, interiors, comfort, and lingerie and is the first brand of bras that every girl gets. This brand has earned much praise from women in India for providing perfect and unique bra styles.



Triumph International is another well-known Bra Company in India and most girls love to wear sports bras from this brand as they design comfortable and sexy bras for women which appeal to customers. If you are looking for a prestigious brand of bras in India, Triumph might be the one for you, Check out this blog on the top 100 Latest Blouse Designs for Back in 2021.

Daisy Dee

Daisy Dee

Daisy Dee is one of the few cotton bra brands in India that also offers designs for intimate garments and garments such as simple T-shirts, traditional Indian Sari, and popular salwar cameos.



When it comes to purchasing a sexy bra, we have to say that Rosaline is one of the most compelling bra brands that will give you the fantastic look you want in lingerie. Rosaline is a bra brand that is advantageous for modern women because it offers stylish and trendy bras.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Strapless bras are the primary type of bra that Calvin Klein offers its customers. Abra is an essential prerequisite for women’s needs and is available on the market and can be purchased in any clothing store, lingerie store, or brand showroom. Best of all, there are brands of bras out there, so you won’t have a hard time finding a good piece for yourself.



If you are a woman looking for an inexpensive bra of good quality, then Clovia is the brand for you. The brand offers a variety of bras depending on the mood of the woman and fits all kinds of clothes. In case you prefer a comfortable and high-quality bra with modern and stylish features, the Clovia design is unique enough to guarantee you the admirable pleasure of wearing this type of premium lingerie.



Triumph International offers high-quality, fashionable, comfortable, and durable products at an affordable price and is one of the best bra brands in India and around the world. One of the best underwear brands in India, offering the best and most comfortable bras for women.

Famous bra brands in India love to get the sexiest selection of bras at a price that provides the wearer with the best support and comfort.

Pretty Secrets

Pretty Secrets

Pretty Secrets is one of the best bra brands that has won a lot of satisfied and satisfied customers since its establishment in 2012. Pretty Secrets offers affordable, perfectly fitting bras for women who love to have quality products within their budgets. La Senza Corporation is a reference point for sexy and sensual bras, panties, and lingerie and is considered a premium bra brand for women of different personalities.

One of the best Bra brands that have won many satisfied customers is the e-commerce website Pretty Secret India, based in India, which was launched in 2012. The website offers inexpensive, superbly fitting bras for women who want to have quality products within their budget.

If you are looking for a special halter option for your daily bra that will not irritate your body, try this next-generation bra brand as it is one of the best bra brands for fitness freaks and women looking for good sports bra options. Adorable is a high-quality bra and interior for women, which gives it its place in our list of the best bra brands in India.



Jockey is considered the nation’s first brand to make sports bras for women. As one of India’s best bra brands, Triumph International makes comfortable cable-free bras that are reliable and last long. The brand is one of those brands that offer unparalleled diversity when it comes to bras and pants and it is precisely why it earned its place among the top panty brands in the country.



Juliet is one of the most trusted brands for bras in India and is available in most local lingerie stores. The brand’s motto is to give comfort and confidence to India’s women.

Calvin Klein, one of the best international luxury fashion houses and the luxury bra brand in Indi, offers exceptional designs and new styles of bralettes, bras, sportswear, and underwear, giving comfort, and quality to its wearers.

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Best Bra Brands In India
Best Bra Brands In India 2021You Can Buy them ON
Triumph brand Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa
Jockey brand Amazon, Nykaa
Shyaway brand Shyaway only
Amante brand Amazon, Myntra, Amante
Zivame brand Myntra, Nykaa, Zivame
BodyCare brand Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa
Victoria Secret brand Victoria Secret only
Clovia brand Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa
Calvin Klein brand Amazon, Myntra
Pretty Secrets brand Ajio only
H&M brand H&M only
Enamor brand Myntra, Nykaa
Forever 21 brand Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa
Famous Bra Brands in India

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FAQ on Bra brands:

Which bra brand is best?

If you are looking for a branded bra, you should keep in mind that it must be both functional and stylish. You can find many different types of bras, such as push-up, plunge, strapless, racerback, etc. in the market. Nowadays, many different brands offer bras. Some of the most popular ones are Panache, Elomi, Curvy Kate, Triumph, Wacoal, etc.

How to choose the best bra brand?

Choosing the right bra for your body type and preferences is essential, whether you’re looking for a sports bra to keep you comfortable during a workout or a push-up bra to give you a lift. There are a variety of brands to choose from, including Curvy Kate, Panache, Wonderbra, Victoria’s Secret, and more.

What are the varieties of bras?

You can easily find a variety of options in the market, but it is better to invest in a good quality bra to get the desired results. It is advisable to visit a lingerie shop and get yourself measured by a professional to buy the right-sized bra. Also, go for a bra that fits your body type. 

If you have large breasts, invest in a push-up bra to give them a lift. If you have small breasts, go for a minimized bra to make them look bigger.To buy a good-quality branded bra, look for labels like ‘wire-free’, ‘wire’, ‘fully-adjustable’, ‘multi-fit’, ‘t-shirt bra’, ‘contour cups’, ‘side support’ etc. Brands like Panache, Curvy Kate, Fantasie, Simone Perele, Elle Macpherson Intimates, Wacoal, Triumph, etc. produce high-quality bras.

Which bra brand is best for daily use?

for your body type can be tricky to figure out. It’s important to find a brand that fits you best and feels comfortable. You might need to try on a few different styles before you find the right fit. It’s also important to make sure that you’re buying the right size. It’s best to visit a bra fitting specialist if you need assistance in finding the right size.

small or larger busts? It’s a close call, but Panache takes the prize for curvier figures. Why? Panache’s best-selling bra features stretchy cups that accommodate different sizes. The result? Maximum comfort for all. for large cup sizes.

Which is the most comfortable bra to wear?

for your body type? The best bra for your body type is the one that fits you best.
When looking for the right bra for your body type, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you want to make sure that the bra fits your frame. If you have a smaller frame, you will want a petite bra. If you have a larger frame, you will want a fuller-figured bra.
Next, you want to make sure that the bra has the right amount of support. Depending on your body type, you will want different levels of support. If you are curvier, you will want a bra with more support. If you have a smaller frame, you will want less support. Finally, you want to make sure that the bra is the right style for your body type.

Which bras are most comfortable for large breasts?

for large-breasted women? If you have a larger chest and are looking for a supportive bra that doesn’t squeeze you, try Parwire bras. They are specifically designed for women with larger breasts and are made with soft, wide straps to help reduce the pressure on your shoulders. They also have wider back panels to accommodate larger busts.

Best bra brands for lift and side support?

The best bra for lift is one that fits you well and is the right size. A bra with side support helps keep breasts from sagging and falling to the side. Choosing the right size for your bra is important. The best lift bra will not lift your breasts if it does not fit you correctly. And if your breasts fall to one side or the other, you may want to try a posture bra that helps support your breasts from falling.

To find the best bras for lift, look for a contoured cup with side support. A push-up bra is another great option that can help lift breasts. Side support in bras can help lift heavy breasts by offering a snug fit around the chest. The best side support bras are often padded. Padding around the sides of the bra can offer lift by lifting up heavy breasts.

What about push-up bras?

Push-up bras are best for low-cut dresses and tops. If you’re looking for cleavage, a push-up bra is a great choice as it will lift and emphasize your bust line. 

What about sports bras?

Sports bras provide lift as well, but you most likely won’t be wearing these under low-cut clothes. They have wide straps and come with extra support around your rib cage to reduce bounce during exercise.