Best leather jacket brands in India, what makes this jacket brands. So popular? Their style, craftsmanship, and overall quality are the main features that make these leather jackets stand out from the rest. These jackets are made from the highest quality full-grain leather and are designed to last a lifetime.

You can wear these jackets for years and they will look better each time as they are crafted with care and attention to detail.

They have a classic style that looks great whether you’re heading to the office or spending a weekend with friends.

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India

Best Leather Jacket Brands in India for a stylish look

  1. Mast and Harbour
  2. COBB
  3. U.S. Polo Assn
  4. French Connection
  5. Teakwood Leather 
  6. Roadster
  7. Justanned
  8. Wrangler
  9. woodland
  10. Park Avenue

Leather Jacket for Different Occasions

WranglerCasual and Semi-Formal
WoodlandOutdoor, Adventure, Formal
RaymondFormal, Business
Peter EnglandFormal, Business
ParxCasual and Semi-Formal
LeeCasual and Semi-Formal
KillerParty, Night Out
Flying MachineCasual and Semi-Formal
Flying HorseCasual and Semi-Formal
FerrariParty, Night Out
Leather Jacket Brands

It’s worth noting that leather jackets can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and the rest of the outfit. They can also be paired with a wide range of other items of clothing, including T-shirts, dress shirts, jeans, khakis, and even chinos. Additionally, the leather quality, fit and design of the jacket also play a crucial role in determining how it should be worn.

Mast and Harbour

Harbour and Mast leather jackets perfectly combine style, comfort, and functionality.

These jackets are made of genuine or faux leather, treated with a water-resistant or weather-resistant finish. The sleeves of a harbour jacket usually have a knit or elastic cuff to keep out cold air or warm your hands. An elastic waistband can be found on most harbour jackets, allowing you to adjust the fit to suit your body type.

These are best for daily usage, casual outings, night outings, and other activities. These are available in different price ranges.


They are the best option for the winter as they are double-layered. The outside jacket is water resistant and the inside one is of fur or wool. 

Cons: one Flipkart customer said that Size issue with jackets.


These jackets have a unique fit that is different from other brands. They have a slim fit that is designed to hug your body, but it doesn’t feel restrictive. The sleeves are a bit longer than most brands, but it doesn’t feel awkward. It actually feels quite comfortable.

The zippers are high-quality and won’t break easily like other brands. You can confidently zip it up and unzip it without any worries. The inner lining is designed to wick moisture away from your skin, so you don’t have to worry about feeling too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. It has a high collar that protects your neck from the elements,


it also looks very stylish. You won’t feel like you are wearing an ugly jacket.


The fit might not be right for everyone. And also They are a bit expensive.

U.S. Polo Assn

The fit of the products is another thing that customers love. The pieces are designed for a slim, tailored fit. This fit is not too tight but snug enough to be flattering on most body types. The brand also offers a range of sizes for its products so that everyone can find something that suits their body type.

These jackets are famous for their durability and quality. They are made of 100% genuine lambskin leather. The Goodyear Welt Construction of these jackets makes them long-lasting and sturdy. Moreover, they have a satin lining which makes them comfortable to wear. You can wear them on formal as well as informal occasions.


  • They are flexible and soft.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • They have a stylish look.
  • They last long.
  • They have a fitted design.
  • They have an elasticated waistband.

Cons: one amazon customer said that they have Small shoulder jackets.

French Connection

These jackets come with YKK zippers, front pockets, and button-up collars. The sleeves can be rolled up or down as per your comfort. These jackets are perfect for layering as they do not trap heat and are light in weight. These can be worn on any occasion, What are the things to keep in mind while buying a French Connection Leather Jacket? As these are made of genuine leather, they require a bit of care, like cleaning and moisturizing.

What are the Pros and Cons of French Connection Leather Jackets?

PROS:   These jackets come in many different colours, styles, and patterns.  You can easily choose the one that suits you best.  Moreover, they are available at an affordable price.  These jackets are perfect for both men and women.  The slim fit of these jackets makes them very stylish.

CONS:  These jackets are not very warm, so they are not recommended for cold weather.  They do not have a cosy lining, so they are not very comfortable in cold weather either.

Teakwood Leather

These are real leather jackets. You can find genuine sheepskin and lambskin jackets. You can find genuine sheepskin and lambskin jackets.

Teakwood has a range of leather jackets that are designed for comfort, style, and functionality. They have a variety of styles including motorcycle jackets, biker jackets, puffy jackets, waistcoats, vests, one-piece suits, and coats. All of their products are made from genuine sheep hide leather. You can choose from black, brown, grey, or tan. They also offer a variety of different style accents such as button-up, zip-up, quilted, and studded.


It is a very supple and soft real leather jacket that is made with real perfection.

Cons: one myntra customer said The quality difference in the same product in their Medium and small size and not consistent!


Roadster Leather is a premium brand of clothing and accessories. All products are meticulously made in Italy with the finest Italian leathers. You will also find Italian wool knitwear, cashmere jumpers, and wool suits at Roadster. This is a brand that understands what style means in every detail.

Roadster leather is a brand that offers high-quality jackets. The best part about this brand is that they offer jackets at very affordable prices. These jackets are also very stylish, U will be able to find one that suits your style.

You will not have to worry about feeling constricted in these jackets because they are made with very soft fabric.


  • Roadster leather Jackets are great for both men and women
  • They have special designs and features that make them suitable for riding motorcycles.

Cons: one myntra customer said that the jacket’s leather was smelling bad,


Justanned uses top-quality genuine lambskin leather to make their jackets. Besides that, they use a special technique to make the lining of the jackets extra comfortable. The lining of Justanned jackets is made of high-quality polyester and viscose fabric, which makes it soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear. With these comfortable linings, you can wear Justanned jackets for long hours without feeling too uncomfortable.

Justanned offers a wide range of high-quality leather jackets for men, women, and kids. These stylish jackets have an edgy, chic look.


The jackets have a slim fit that accentuates your curves. The sleeves are extra long to keep your hands warm and cosy.


First of all, you must check the size guide before buying any jacket from Justanned they vary from other brands.


Wrangler is a reputed brand that has been making high-quality jeans for over a century now. And the same can be said about their leather jackets.

Apart from durability, these jackets have some other features that make them stand out in the crowd. One of the best features is the comfort level as these jackets are made of premium quality leather.

Another thing that we really liked about these jackets is the stitching. These jackets are well-stitched to ensure that they last for a long time. These jackets come in various styles and designs. So, it won’t be difficult for you to find one that suits your personality.


The fabric used in these jackets is high-quality and long-lasting. You can wear it for years without any issues.

Cons: one Flipkart customer said that the fabric started peeling disappointed.


What sets woodland apart from other leather jacket brands is its attention to detail, quality materials, and impeccable style.

Most woodland jackets are lined with nylon, polyester, or faux fur and come with a variety of pockets to keep your gear organized. Many woodland jackets have an insulated option, which utilizes synthetic or down fills to keep you warm in cold weather. Some woodland jackets have a quilted pattern that offers an additional layer of warmth, they are known as the pioneers of leather jackets.


The pockets of woodland Jackets are very spacious. It can easily fit any mobile phone or any other important thing.

Cons: amazon customers said they were correct for the size we ordered but it didn’t fit.

Park Avenue

The Park Avenue Leather brand has a huge collection of premium sheep hide leather jackets for men. The brand offers a variety of styles ranging from Bomber, Peacoat, Trench, Sherpa, Trucker, Varsity, Shearling, Harrington, Caban, Denim, and much more. Park Avenue Leather Jackets are handcrafted from the finest quality premium leather.

The designs are classic and stylish, with a modern twist to suit the changing trends. Park Avenue also offers a range of customization on select jackets, like brooches, fur trims, and other details.


Park Avenue has a great product, and its designs are very modern. 


Park Avenue Jackets are a little more casual than other brands.

Note: prices can vary from time to time


We hope that this list helps you in finding the best men’s leather jackets for you. If you are looking for something on a budget, then we recommend you go for the first option. If you want something with a bit more style and design, then we recommend you try the second option. If you want something that is high quality and genuine, then we recommend you go for the third option.

Frequently asked questions about jackets

why do I have to buy branded Leather jackets?

Leather jackets are a staple in every man’s wardrobe, and the branded ones offer high-quality options for any style, ranging from sleek and edgy to rugged and casual.

why do I have to wear Blazers?

A blazer can add a sophisticated touch to any outfit, and comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from, making it easy to find one that suits your needs.

what is the purpose of Wool jackets?

Wool is a versatile fabric that stays warm in cold weather and cools in hot weather, making it the perfect fabric for a variety of climates.